Yes, I have not fallen off the face of the earth, just buried under a huge pile of textbooks. This post is going to be a bit random, as my 8-yr-old would say, but I am going with the something is better than nothing approach at the moment. It seems to be a theme developing in my life at the moment.

I just did something I have never ever done in my entire life. At this point it may be wise for all non-geek, non-overachevers, rational types to just stop reading or you may be tempted to throw something through your computer at me. I don’t want to be responsible for a smashed computer screens!

Here is it. The thing I just did that I have never, ever done before:

I just wrote a quiz that I did not study for; I really did. Just now (#19). Didn’t study and preparation-be-damned, I logged onto “my learning space” and answered 24 question on groups, altruism and aggression.

I have reached the point in the semester where all things are on overload and it is actually not physically possible for me to do all of the work that is required of me. This is evidence by the fact that I have not managed a blog post for two weeks and my gym attendance has been slipping. I have a new-found empathy for all students. I will admit that I used to think, “Seriously, how hard can it be? All you have to do is read and go to class. Why are you so stressed out?”. I get it now and it really is quite overwhelming. Sorry.

As some of you may know my goal is to be a clinical counsellor and so I have been taking advantage of the free counselling services at WLU to get some tips on how to not go crazy while returning to school full-time and also as professional research for my future career. Last week my counsellor told me that most students don’t actually do all of the assigned reading. I almost fell out of my chair when she said this and I actually thought she was kidding–she wasn’t. I had never heard of such a thing! Then today I was faced with studying for my midterm tomorrow or trying to squeeze in some review for the quiz. Well, there are 300 pages of material to cover for the quiz and it is only worth 7%. My midterm is worth 25% and in my hardest subject. Now, math is not my strong suit, but I figured I was better off focusing on the midterm, so I said a prayer, crossed myself and logged on and wrote the quiz. I was relieved to find that a lot of the material was previously covered in my Sports Psych class. Phew. I don’t know what my score is, but I am practicing letting go of my perfectionist ways. Not working really well, but is a start (in fact, I am going to call that #18).

On a completely different subject, I have to share with you all the amazing opportunity my son N had this weekend. His choir–The Grand Philharmonic Children’s Choir— participated in a two-day song writing workshop with Jim Papoulis. You have heard his work even if you don’t recognize his name. Half the commercials on TV feature his music.

He is amazing and the kids and Jim actually wrote lyrics and music for a song. I have never witness the creation of a song before (#17) and it was a beautiful thing. The lyrics made me cry. The first night Jim asked the kids what was important to them and what kinds of things were hard. N volunteered that he didn’t like it when his parents made him do things he didn’t want to do! I had “made” N attend the song writing work shop. At the end of the second day, N agreed that it had been a good idea to make him go!

Here is a sneak peek at part of the song.

That is all I have time for at the moment. I hope to get back to more regular posts this week. The funny thing is that there is one on Planning Fallacy that I just can’t find the time to write!

What have you wung (winged??? wanged???) lately? How did it turn out?

Can you name a song written by Jim Papoulis?