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Just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive, just completely overwhelmed by the demands of being a wife, mother, student, consultant, sunday school teacher and wanna-be triathlete. It is only the second week of my return to full-time university and so I am still finding my way, but at the moment I feel a bit like this fellow.

I have just discovered the beautiful underwater art of Jason de Caires Taylor. His underwater sculptures are quite amazing. Either click on the picture or on his highlighted name to view his website. It is worth a look. The images are stunning,

I only hope I get my gait before I end up like this:

I would like to write some insightful observations or a witty anecdotes, but I have just finished trying to wrap my head around correlation coefficients (now taking applications for tutors) so I don’t really have much brain power left and an alarming large amount of homework still to do!

But for a quick update that will satisfy a couple of my 42 new things this year:

I have joined the Laurier Master’s Swim Club. The people are really nice and it is really hard! There are some SERIOUS swimmers in this group and they speak in swim-drill-code. I am learning the language and figuring out which lane I belong in (I am happy to report that it is not the slowest, BUT I did get passed by a pregnant chick) and I am committed to showing up every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 am. My hope is that this will translate into such a fast swim time next season that I will be so far ahead of everyone else out of the water that nobody can catch me on the run! I have all winter to work on it. I hope my twice weekly weigh lifting sessions and cycling will help increase my speed too. No, I am not allowed to run yet. The snake really did a number on my foot and it is still pretty sore.

I am really committed to keeping up my fitness because, quite honestly, I need to make sure I retain my mental health until the end of this semester. Here are just a few snippets of my Monday university experience:

  • In my first class, when referencing the trend of positive reinforcement behaviour modification so prevalent in the 1970s, the instructor made mention about how there was only one other person in the room who was alive at that time (wonder who that could be?) Later in the lecture she asked if anybody was an aunt or an uncle and knew about babies. She shocked the class by telling them the babies have different personalities right from birth–who knew?
  • I was late for my next class because there was a huge line up for the bathroom (at least that is universal). Almost all the seats were taken and I had to make my way along a narrow row to get to a middle seat. I lost my balance (because I am the geek carrying text books around in her back pack) and fell forward (think boobs first) into some poor young unsuspecting lad already sitting down. THEN I had to sit next to him. I really don’t recall what the prof was talking about for the most of that lecture *cringe* I am going to call this 16 of 42-Boob assault!
  • My last prof was referencing a study from 1970 and he stated that he hadn’t been alive when it was conducted. I hope to God he was kidding, but I am probably older than him!

Tomorrow I am at it again. The saving grace is that the subject matter is absolutely fascinating and I hope to share some of what I am learning with you soon. Just let me get caught up on my reading first.

Can you spot the Dave Matthews Band reference in this post?

Have you ever unintentionally assaulted someone with a body part?