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Well this was it–the first day of classes at Wilfred Laurier University. It is my first day as a full-time university student in 23 years!









This is Wilf enjoying the sunshine and pondering.  This is my “first day of school” shot!

It went pretty well. I didn’t get stuffed into any lockers (most likely because I don’t think there are any lockers except in the gym!). I found all of my classrooms and two people even spoke to me! My professors seem very capable and one is even funny!

After a rigorous day of academics I found my bike with a flat. It seems that my bike likes to get flat tires. A lot. I think the universe is telling me that I need to get better at fixing flat tires, and I am considering investing in some tube stocks.

On this return to school I was struck by all sorts of random and divergent thoughts. So I am simply going to list them here and you can take them as you will.

  • This is the first, first day of school I can ever remember where I didn’t feel self-conscious about my weight.
  • I didn’t get the memo about wearing shorts
  • I need to ad “legit” and “sick” into my vocabulary
  • Professors are not as old as they used to be
  • By the number of grande-frappacino-green-tea blah-blah-blahs I saw students drinking, they all either have a hell of a lot more money than I do or are going to be phoning home by mid October to refill the food cards!
  • Work-life-school balance will be interesting. I was madly trying to finish a work report 10 minutes before my first lecture began
  • Laurier Student Union Rocks! They are one of the first universities in Canada to offer and EAP (employee assistance program) for every single student. This means that we can all access counselling and other service free of charge!
  • No one cares that I am as old as the professors!

Have you embarked on anything new this fall?

What are your main memory of your first day of school: elementary, high school or university?