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Today my family will return after 7 days away. I sit uninterrupted in front of the computer sipping coffee. It is quiet. That will soon all change and I can’t wait. It has been a wonderful week and I do believe I feel more rested and relaxed than if I had gone to an all-inclusive resort and I am ready for the return of reality.

I have had updates on how much fun the kids have been having and I can’t wait to hear their stories (although I am dreading the dirty laundry). I miss sitting down to dinner and hearing all about everybody’s day. In fact one of the things that was a challenge this week was remembering to eat; without any little ones asking for snacks or what’s for dinner, I continually forgot to prepare food!

Reviewing the list of things I wanted to do this week has shown me that I did not get a lot of them done, but that is just fine with me. The focus of this week was to relax and refocus to prepare for the fall. I definitely felt I have done that–I just may need a little more time to get the physical tasked done.

Here is a report on how I made out with my to do list:

  • Finish all contract work I got this all done by noon on Monday! I cannot believe how much work I can get done when uninterrupted. I am considering finding a quiet spot out of the house to do my work from now on.
  • clean out the junk room sun room and convert to office for me Uhm, if I get the house cleaned before the family arrives I will start on this!
  • clean the house! Well, I cleaned the parts that my friends would see when they came over on Tuesday night! Now the rest today before the dirty, campy-stinky kids get home
  • go to a movie with my friend I did! My friend and I saw “Moonrise Kingdom” on Monday night. It is a strange little indie film. These kinds of films always make me feel like I am not getting some really cerebral point that I am not smart enough to get, but it was so weird that I got lost in it and stopped thinking about my life for 90 minutes and that was nice.
  • start my new strength-focused training plan 3x Oh Yeah! Three times!!! It is super hard and super awesome.
  • go for a long bike ride Yup, Philosopher and I went for a 40km ride on which I had my 3rd flat of the week!. It was still great
  • swim x 2 Yup. I love swimming and got to try a new work out that involves speed work. My breast stroke has improved from laughable to just horrible.
  • go to physio Twice. The second time when the tape came off I found I could walk without pain and that the swelling had all but disappeared. My physio did not seem to take my request to start running seriously–in fact she wacked me and said “NO!!!”.  Sheeesh.
  • ice my foot 3 x a day I did this at least twice every day. It made me sit down and relax which was very nice.
  • get the dog groomed Let’s change this one to “make an appointment to get the dog groomed” Booked until September, really???
  • find the missing library item Uh, no.  
  • have a glass of wine with friends on the front porch (any takers?) The highlight of my week. Friends congregated on the front porch and we had a wonderful evening.
  • get a handle on my schedule for the fall I think I am getting a handle on my schedule. At least I have figured out where my training will fit in (6am every morning–yawn). I will be in charge of taking the kids to school everyday and pick up Tuesday & Thursday. My husband will do pick up the other days. Just getting this sorted has actually reduced my stress level quite a bit!
  • sit quietly and not be interrupted Heaven. I did this multiple times
  • talk on the phone and not be interrupted Well, for the most part. There was the one time that someone knocked on the door when I was on a conference call and the dog started barking and I shushed her and talked to my friend at the door and realized AFTER that the mute switch on my phone did not work. Embarrassed!!!! I should know better from my life as an emergency dispatcher–never trust your mute button!
  • go to the bathroom and not have any one needing to ask me questions that simply CANNOT wait until I am done. 🙂
  • eat well Ahem, well….when I remembered to eat I did eat well. I made a conscious effort to have super healthy smoothies before my workouts; however, I did not spend hours preparing organic, vegan meals for myself. On Thursday night when I realized that I needed to eat now!!!! I had soft-boiled eggs, toast and tomatoes from a friend’s garden. Then last night I went out for a burger all by myself and ended up having dinner with a friend from my Triathlon group–nice surprise.
  • go to bed early For the most part I failed miserably at this one; the is something to enticing about a quiet house at night. I did go to be at 8:30 on Thursday in preparation for my 5am wake up to bike up to the Y and it was wonderful!
  • organize my iTunes library Uh, no. but I did read a couple of articles on it.

This week home alone was such a gift. I really feel like I was able to hit the reset button and get myself in a good organized state in all sorts of areas. One of the best things I did was not worry about the things I did not get done although as soon as I finished this blog post I am going to bust my butt and get this house sparkling clean before the dirty hoards descent–at least I will have a clean base from which to deal with that! Then it is on to hit the ground running to prepare for fall!

What would you do with a week to yourself at home?