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Well it has been an eventful and very enjoyable three days of solitude.
On Monday I finished all my work for the week by noon. I cannot believe how much work I am able to get done without any kiddos or husband to interrupt me. I adore my family and do not want to change anything about them, but I would like to change my work location. The bedroom simply does not convey the sense of professionalism that would encourage the children to resist the urge to interrupt me to tattle on each other!
So in the afternoon after my physiotherapy appointment, I biked up to the YMCA and did my first strength training workout. I braved the free weight section where all the sweaty teenage boys and men like to congregate and did a full body workout. I will admit that I was quite nervous to brave this part of the Y. My favourite trainer, Martin, had given me an intro session last week, so at least I sorta knew how to do the exercises. I put on my headphones and tried to ignore everyone else and not feel self conscious about how much weight I was lifting. I actually got right into it–except for the bench press; I didn’t try to press anything. When the work out was done I headed out to bike home, only to find a flat front tire…and no spare! Stupid rookie mistake! I used my “phone a friend” option and was rescued by KT (you know you have a true friend when she is willing to schlep her baby across town to rescue you!)

Tuesday I had the novel experience of sleeping until I woke up. Usually it is an alarm clock or a small child that wakes me up. Tuesday morning, I woke up all on my own. Unless you have experience daily wakings at a far too early hour, you may not appreciate the absolute luxury of rolling over and realizing that you can go back to sleep for an hour. Such a treat! Then I got myself up, got my tire fixed (I had no spare tube at home) and biked back to the YMCA for my swim workout. As I turned into the entrance of the Y my back tire blew! Seriously???? I had a spare so I decided not to worry about it until after my swim as there wasn’t a lot of time left in the lane swim

I don’t like swimming in the afternoon. There are too many bathers in the lanes. I don’t mean to sound snotty, but there are four marked lanes: leisure, slow, medium and fast. All fours lane each have one person doing a leisurely stroke. I get it and I am actually totally supportive. I think everyone should get out there and move as much as they can. My issue is that i get all concerned and worried about the person I am sharing a lane with–I don’t want them to feel bad when I pass them. I actually appreciate the practice, but I also hate getting lapped so I don’t like to inflict this annoyance on others, but I do! I only got in 45 minute swim as they closed the lanes early to let all the Y camper kids swim.

So out I strode ready to take on my flat. I got the wheel off, the tube out, check the rim for foreign objects, the new tube partially inflated and was threading it onto the rim until I realized that there seemed to be more tube than rim. Ugh, the shop gave me the wrong sized tube!  Grrrr! There was no way I was going to interrupt KT at baby nap time so I used my second phone a friend option and was driven home by T who lived around the corner and whom I had  not seen all summer. We had a great catch up while she dispatched me to my house.

I had a wonderful evening sharing a few glasses of wine with friends on my front porch. My front porch is one of my favourite spot in the world.

I adore sitting here in the morning sipping coffee and in the evening sipping wine. It is such a peaceful spot to sit and look out at the neighbourhood. My dear friends from the neighbourhood joint me for a ladies only evening on my front porch. It was fabulous. I put tea lights in mason jars and lined the railing with them. It is an inexpensive and really pretty way to use candles outside. It worlds very well because the mason jar protects the flame from any wind and wax does not get on the wood! We talk and laughed and drank and ate until the ripe hour of 10:30–it was a Tuesday evening after all!

Wednesday morning arrived and I attempted to repair flat #2. It was the first flat I had repaired. Once done there was still a weird wobble in it that I couldn’t sort out. Off I pushed my bike to King Street Cycle. I love this shop. The staff are always very helpful and never make me feel dumb when I ask dumb questions! I felt a bit better when they couldn’t sort out the wobble either. The owner had a go with it and discovered that the actual tire was shredded on the inside. So a new tire and tube later I was off to bike to the Y. I once again braved the free weight room at the gym. This time I even did the bench press. I am finding the weight training workout hard, but do-able. It is completely different from all the running, biking and swimming I have been doing all year. I am hopeful that it will make me faster on my triathlon and keep me injury free! I came out to find two fully inflated tires and biked home without incident.

The morning’s tire repair meant that my work out was in the early afternoon instead of the morning. I had a scheduled 90 minute bike ride at 3 pm with my friend from Philosopher’s Run (don’t worry I didn’t have to go to Germany for it, he has returned and will update his blog soon!). Luckily it was supposed to be a low heart rate bike for him because I really felt like my legs were done and I had only 45 minutes rest. About 20 km in I got my 3 for 3. My rear tube popped while I was riding. Ack! I had the wheel off and tube sort-of on by the time Philosopher’s Walk turned around and came back. I hate being slower and feeling like I am altering my riding mate’s pace and I really hate making someone stop while I do repair. The new tire was a bit tricky to get back on, but between the two of us we got to it done! I will admit that I appreciated the break and actually downed a Gu. We had an uneventful ride back.

I then did something I haven’t done since my half marathon training days:

I had an ice bath.

My calves have been killing me all week. I think it is because I have been biking every day everywhere I go. I have been focusing on keeping my heals down and doing a full circle on my pedal. The wonderful benefit of this is that I have excruciating pain at the top of my calves. I am actually having trouble walking, so after my 40 km bike I decided that it was time for serious measures! 15 minutes in the ice bath. I am hopeful that I will be able to bike to the Y in the am. We will see!