I am on holidays with my family in British Columbia and have had very few opportunities to blog so I am going to combine a couple of firsts in this post.

10-Monday morning I went for a run with my brother in law for the first time ever. This was a very cool experience because for most of the twenty plus years we have know each other neither of us have been runners. Today we did a forty-five minute run along the canal in Penticton. About 10 minutes in we happened upon a wild mare and her foal. They were just hanging out on the side of the trail. As we ran by they just looked at us–probably thinking, “those two-leggers sure are slow”.

A few minutes later a snake slithered across the trail right in front of me. Granted it was a wee baby snake, but I once had a rather disconcerting experience with a snake appearing in an unexpected place (which I will one day blog about) and seeing this one right in front of me caused me to screech and leap into the air. I didn’t get a really good look at it, but I was sure it must have been a rattle snake…or possibly it was a gopher snake. Either way, I experienced a stabbing pain on the bottom of my foot when I landed on the other side of the snake (no it didn’t bite me!). It eased up somewhat after a few minutes as I continued the run. It continued to hurt after the run and about an hour later I was finding it a challenge to weight bare. Upon close examination, my right foot had a golf ball sized swelling below the inside ankle bone and directly in front of the heal. It continued to be painful and I was a trifle concerned. It was still swollen and hurt to walk the next morning so I called up my doctor friend and had a phone consultation. The diagnosis we came up with was Peroneal Tendonitis–an inflammation of the tendon that runs down the inside of the leg and under the foot. Apparently it doesn’t like snakes either. So the treatment plan is to ice it three times today, elevate it as much as possible and take ibuprofen. I am currently on the third ice-ing an it is still quite swollen and I can only walk on the outside of my foot.

[I have been so busy that I have not completed this blog post in one sitting. On Thursday the swelling was down and pain had markedly lessened].

11-On Tuesday afternoon I did something that I have wanted to do ever since I was a little girl camping with my family in the Okanagan; I swam across Lake Okanagan! My husband and daughter rented a kayak and they accompanied me. It was a great swim: the weather was sunny, the water was cool and the rest of my family was on the beach waiting for me to finish.

It was 2:00 pm when we set out from the Kayak rental place at the Lake City Casino. (The Pink Arrow) The swim was 1.46 km and I swam without a wet suit (didn’t’ think to pack that on my holiday!). Sighting was very easy with the bright yellow kayak always on my left. I felt a bit nervous swimming in a lake with motor boat traffic, but the only contact I had was with the waves from the wake. It took me about 25 minutes to finish. The time is not exact and I benefitted from a current that felt like it was pulling me along. I enjoyed every minute of it!

On Wednesday we went on a wine tour and visited a number of wineries on the Naramata Bench.                                                                                                                     This was the view from Poplar Grove Winery. We tasted some fabulous wines.  

In the first photo you can see my swim route. The building and trees that are jutting out  from the middle left of the picture is the hotel and kayak rental where we started out.

Here is my husband, Chris and me before our first wine tasting. I am NOT posting any further pictures of this event. It was great fun and involved stops at 5 wineries, 3 or 4 art galleries and a lavender farm. We tasted some lovely pinot gris (I bought a bottle from 3 Mile) and some really interesting local blends. We picked up one of these called “Red Stiletto” at Ruby Blues winery. This was our last stop and my S-I-L and I ended up getting kicked out of this wine shop for laughing and talking too loud while our spouses were at the counter paying for the wine. Harumph!

That is it for now! I have been so busy that it has taken me five days to get this post up. I shall chronicle the other event of the trip as soon as I can.