Here is a very quick update as I have 3 deadlines to meet today.  I would much prefer to spend my morning blogging, but my aforementioned Triathlon habit (and other little things like 4 kids who seem to expect me to feed and clothe them) encourage me to take advantage of every bill-able hour I can get!

So–drum roll…….

I lost 2.2 lbs since last Friday!!!!

What I did differently:

  • increased my training hours (read got back to normal). I have started recording these  again in the Training Log tab
  • Got back in the fuelling instead of eating mindset. When I need to fuel my body I pay close attention to what I put in my mouth and make better choices.
  • decreased my wine consumption (this one is always a huge factor for me as I “forget” to count these calories) So no evening relaxing glass of wine except on weekends. I also find that I eat more when I have that glass of wine so eliminating this on weeknights probably saves me 300-400 calories five days a week!  That is crazy and unnecessary!
  • I didn’t cut out coffee, but I only had one cup and I drank that AFTER I had my protein smoothie breakfast.
  • I did have 2 coke zeros this week–and both times they made me feel crappy. I think the answer there is to get it out of the fridge and out of the house.  I don’t even think about it unless I see that black can looking all cold and refreshing in the fridge.
  • I drank more water
  • When I felt restless and hungry in the evening I went to bed instead of searching through the cupboards. When I feel tired my first impulse is to eat something to give me energy, but at 9pm I don’t need energy, I need sleep!
  • When i was tempted to eat potato chips or have a glass of wine I thought of having to write this blog post!  That you all; you are my inspiration!

Are you taking the 10 lb challenge? How did you do? Please let me know.  If not and you want to, it is never too late to start. Jump on board!