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I am going to tackle one of the specific goals that I wrote about way back in my first blog post. I am setting a goal to lose 10 lbs. I have considered this one carefully and I want to get down to a trimmer fighting weight–well actually a trimmer swim/bike/run weight. Losing 10 lbs will get me below my “42” goal from the first post, but I like nice round numbers. I am going to be SMART about this: no fad or crash diets….actually no “diet” of any kind. I know the things I need to do–I just haven’t been doing them consistently for a while. The concept of joining a weight loss group also does not appeal to me either and the research shows that these are not effective as most people gain the weight back.

The only way to be really successful is to change habits so that our actions consistently support our goals. I really want to read The Power of Habit as the author Charles Duhigg has some innovative ideas about how we can change our habits, but I have been wait-listed at the library for 2 months already!!!  If any one has a copy they can lend me I would be deeply grateful! So  I am going to use a SMART goal as the framework to support the changes I am going to make to lose 10 lbs. These changes are going to create new permanent habits. So what do SMART goals look like?

Specific:  I will lose 10 lbs of body fat

Measurable: I have had this scale for 8 years and never even changed the battery. It has seen some pretty gruesome number in the past. This is an easily measurable goal. It is also a good weight loss / maintenance habit to weigh yourself regularly


Agreed upon: This one is easy as it only affect me. I agree!

Realistic: This is a very realistic goal. While I am in my weight range and BMI, I am not at the low-end of it and I will still not be at the lowest end of it once I lose 10 lbs

Time Based: this is a crucial one….no crazy lose-10-lbs-in-a-week time goals for me. I would like to reach my goal by August 31, 2012. I actually think it can reach it sooner, but I am factoring in a two-week trip to visit the family in BC this summer plus a week at our diocese camp; these  might add a few pounds so I am planning in a buffer!

Now it may have taken my 42 years, but I have identified the things that I need to do to drop weight

  • cut out wine (for some reason while I would be mindful of every calorie in a soda or any other sweet drink, i NEVER think about the calories that are in wine)
  • cut out diet soda (I rarely drink it anymore, but for about 6 months I never drank it and felt great! When I stopped cold turkey last October I dropped 5 lbs in 2 weeks)
  • limit coffee (I don’t think that coffee makes you gain weight–unless it is laden with sugar and cream, but when I drink coffee in the morning I tend to drink it instead of eating breakfast and there are tons of studies on eating breakfast and weight loss.
  • start the day off with a protein rich fruit and veggie smoothie (it just sets me up to treat myself right all day long)
  • have a salad with protein for lunch
  • get more sleep (being tired makes me eat and it messes up my insulin and cortisol levels
  • Increase interval training (Beth over at Shut up and Run just wrote a great blog post about HIIT training. I shall be getting friendly with the dread treadmill once again

It is really a simple plan–one I should be following all the time.  I lost 18 pounds during the first three months of the year, but have allowed about 5 of those to creep back on (eating and drinking my way through PEI last week didn’t help!). So now that I have a couple of triathlons planned for later this summer I want to give myself every advantage and the less of me that there is to move through the water, on my bike and during my run, the quicker I will be!

Another thing the really helps one keep a goal is telling someone else about it. So each week on Friday I shall post my weight gain or loss on this blog. If you haven’t figure it out by now, this blog serves as a great conduit for motivation. If I know I will have to blog about it, I am more likely to do it! Still haven’t figured this cyber-accountability thing out yet; perhaps it will be the topic of my thesis….

Stayed toned.  (my mac just auto-corrected “tooned” to “toned”!) I am going to leave it in 🙂

Does anyone want to join me? Post here!