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I have a confession to make: I am in need of an accountability partner.

If I get out of my normal routine for even a couple of days, I find it really hard to get motivated again. My last workout was Birkam Yoga on Tuesday morning before our road trip. I had every intention of getting in a run during the drive, but we barely stopped so that didn’t happen. I had every intention of getting myself to the Y in Charlottetown for a swim on Thursday morning, but we stayed up really late on Wednesday and I was tired. Now it is Saturday and I should have gone for a run this morning, but again, I didn’t. Apart from a low-key hike at Anne of Green Gables Historical Site, I haven’t done a thing since Tuesday morning.

The thing is I KNOW that I will feel great if I do something, but this isn’t enough to motivate me when I am sipping a cup of coffee overlooking the inlet at my vacation cottage. I want to be one of these super disciplined and structured people who follows the correct diet and training plan no matter how tired I am or how out of a regular routine I get. I would feel awesome if I could do this, but I don’t do it.

Accountability is needed. That is why I sign up for training programs like the YMCA Tri Training Group. I have committed to it and I am accountable to the members. That group ended a couple of week ago! I still have a couple of races I want to do this summer and I need to maintain (or hopefully improve) my fitness.

Why is it that we choose to do things that are not healthy for us? People do this in all sorts of aspects of their lives. They know it is not healthy to smoke or drink or eat too much or to not exercise, but knowing something doesn’t always make us do it! People need to experience the benefits and a lot of things that are good for a person are hard at first and don’t have any immediate positive benefits. In fact, there can be a lot of immediately negative things about choosing a healthy habit: withdrawal, hunger, cravings, sore muscles. Especially with things that are addictive, it is important to change routines to successfully change habits. A person trying to give up smoking may have to stop hanging around with people who smoke–at least for the short-term.

As I muse over this I think I have identified the reason for my current struggle with exercise. I actually have a pretty good routine at home with what I eat and when I train. This vacay has thrown that completely out the window. I even feel somewhat accountable to the life guard who is there every Tuesday and Thursday morning when I swim and the yoga instructors at my regular classes. They may not care whether or not I show up, but somehow I feel like I need to go because they are there.

So without my regular infrastructure to keep me in line I am going to request that you be my accountability partner for the rest of my trip. Tomorrow morning I am going to go for a run. I am committing to do that and I want you to hold me accountable. I shall write a short post tomorrow morning to let you know that I did run. If I don’t I invite you to ask my why I haven’t done it. Would you do that for me?

What kinds of things do you struggle with in your life? How do you make yourself accountable or do you? What works best