I am with my family on Prince Edward Island. Like many Canadian girls, I have wanted to visit P.E.I since I read Anne of Green Gables well over 30 years ago. I also loved the CBC television show starring Megan Follows.

The kids are amazing travellers. They put up with long hours in the van with minimal complaint. We left Waterloo at 4:00 pm right after the teens had finished their last exam and we drove until 4:00 am. We stopped for a few hours sleep at a little hotel in Quebec, then we were off at 9:30 am and drove the rest of the way through Quebec, all through New Brunswick and over the Confederation Bridge onto P.E.I.

The bridge is a very cool way to get onto the island. It takes about ten minutes and is 13 km long. I have wanted to drive across this bridge since it opened in 1997. It wasn’t as epic as I thought it would be–it was kind of like driving over the bridge that links West Bank to Kelowna, BC just waaaaay longer.  I would LOVE to do an out and back run over this bridge. I haven’t discovered any races across the bridge, but I think PEI Tourism should consider this! At this time there is no foot or bicycle traffic allowed on the bridge.

We crossed the bridge at around 7:30 pm and our immediate goal was to find somewhere quintessentially “P.E.I.” to eat. We found it at Water-Prince Corner Shop. Strange name for a restaurant, but wonderful fresh seafood. It is a tiny little place and it was packed with locals. We discovered that it had recently been featured on You Gotta Eat Here. We sampled the raw Malpeque oysters–one of my favourite things on the planet–and these did not disappoint. To eat fresh raw oysters that had been plucked out of the waters a stone’s throw from where we were eating was fabulous.

Well, for some of us!

We enjoyed various seafood delights for the main course: scallop burgers, lobster rolls, fish fry and *ahem* one order of chicken fingers! It was a perfect start to our P.E.I vacation.

We arrived at our cottage to find it to be the perfect set up for our family of 6. It has four bedrooms, a large well-equipped kitchen, a lovely glassed-in porch and it is right on the ocean. Here is the view from the porch–it looks over to historic downtown P.E.I.

We settled in and collapsed into bed for some well deserved rest. Falling asleep listening to the waves lap the shore made me ache for BC. I love many things about my new(ish) home in Ontario, but I miss the ocean. I have lived most of my life on the West Coast and some of that right on the Pacific Ocean. The sea is soothing to me. I can forget how much I miss it until I am confronted with it again. There is nothing like being close to the ocean.

The next morning we had a lazy breakfast and then headed out to Cavendish to visit the Anne of Green Gables Heritage Place. It was absolutely delightful. I would highly recommend a trip to visit it. There were many trails to explore and I while I didn’t get in a run or swim today, I did do a fair amount of hiking. It was an idyllic place.

I  realized on the way there that I had once again neglected the youngest two children; I had never read them the stories of Anne of Green Gables. The older two were well acquainted with both the books and the TV show, but as often happens with my two youngest, I had imposed my memory of reading these stories on them without actually having done it…sigh. I have slightly redeemed myself as I had checked the audiobook out of the library before we left and we started listening to the first chapter as we left the historical site. Hopefully this isn’t as bad a thing as the time I forgot to teach one of them to tie their shoes!

It has been a very full 24 hours on Prince Edward Island. Tomorrow new adventures await. Now to be lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves.

Rest well everyone.