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10. You have packed full size shampoo in your carry on.

9. You think your belt buckle and pocket change will not set off the security buzzer.

8. You wait until at the border counter to start filling out your form.

7. You like to stop immediately in front of the exit doors to readjust you back pack or refer to your itinerary.

6. You try and sneak a too large bag on the plane and then complain when it has to be checked.

5. You pretend not to notice the long line of people that you just cut off.

4. You take off your shoes on the plane and share your stinky feet.

3. You carry a large pillow onto the plane.

2. You make loud snorting and sniffing noises throughout the entire flight.

1. You think it is appropriate to be rude and demanding to the flight attendants.