I am loving the symmetry of this! Today I have been married for the same number of years that I had been single. I was married at 21 years old and as of 1:30pm today, I have been married to my fabulous, patient, intelligent husband for 21 years.

The fact that the sum is 42 is something I had not even realized would happen when I decided that this blog would be called 42 things.  Ah the serendipity of it all.

Now I am the older woman in this marriage. My husband has been married longer than he has not been by two year. Yes, if you do the math he was 19 when we got married.

Now if we have learned anything in this marriage it is to be flexible and open to change…and we have certainly had a lot of change in the last 21 years! I am not going to lie; marriage is hard work, but also offers the best rewards. It takes compromise and sacrifice and some tongue-biting as well, but I am a far better person than I could have ever hoped to be because of my marriage and because of the unconditional love my husband gives me.

Now tonight will be quite the celebration! Well to be honest, tonight is the only night that everyone in our family was available to take advantage of a fabulous gift we were recently given. So instead of a romantic candle-lit dinner in a snooty restaurant sans kids, the entire family is going to Medieval Times in Toronto! Yup, we are going to eat with our hands and watch a jousting match and hang with the kids–kind up sums up the last 21 years, actually.

Happy Anniversary, babe.