I have been terribly remiss in my postings. It has been a very busy two weeks, but no excuses! I should have found a few minutes.

Now I am confronted with a number of things to post about and not wanting to overwhelm you all with too much in one catch up post. So, what I have decided to do is several posts about the last two weeks starting from the most recent events.

I had quite an eventful day today. Well let’s back up to last night. I did a dread treadmill run at the Y while my kids were at swimming lessons. I had bowed out of the group run on Sunday night because they were going to do hill repeats and with my rehab I am only running 3km. So I was feeling guilty about that and decided I would do 4km on the hills cycle of the ‘mill. My hammie protested as much or more than usual, but I am so frustrated with the whole things that I thought I would just push through it I did the 4 and it was awful and difficult and not at all fun. The only good part was when my kids looked up from the pool and waved at me. As soon as I was off the treadmill my back started hurting…and continued to hurt all night.

When I went to Yoga at 6am my back was still complaining and my neck and shoulders decided to protest too. WTF??? I felt like my whole body was rising up against me. I slogged through the class and didn’t ever feel like I warmed up into it–this is really unusual for me; especially in hot yoga.

I had a visit with Dave my fabulous Physiotherapist today. He was very empathetic and worked his magic, but the upshot is no running and lots of ice to settle down my back and then only running on flat surfaces for 3-4km. Sigh. Not really where I want to be in my tri training.

To top it off on the way home I hit a curb and slashed my tire. I never seem to have just one challenge at a time. I was pretty upset about my back and not coping with the pain very well and then BLAMO! flat tire. I phone my hubby in tears and was freaking out about driving the car to a garage on the rim. He very calmly suggested I pull over and he would come and put the spare tire on for me. We have one of those? Uh, ok. It just so happened that a dear parishioner was at the church and he drove my husband to rescue me. Which parking lot was I able to pull into for this tire change? The Love Shop. I can already hear the rumour that will be circulating by Sunday. “Fr C just met his wife at the Love Shop”. It turns out that my husband is quite handy with a tire iron and he change the tire with very little fuss.

Doncha LOVE the brown sandals and SOCKS with his ensemble? I am not judging–the guy saved my pain-in-the-butt today!

Tonight I met with two ladies from my tri training group and we went for a newby ride. I have a fabulous road bike that I bought new-to-me a few weeks ago. I haven’t been able to ride it because I didn’t have bike shoes..until now.
I ordered these darlings from Chain Reaction in the UK. They have amazing deals and super quick delivery. I love them, but it meant that I had no excuses left and needed to get out on this skinny tired bike of mine. It freaks me out because the gear shift is on the aerobars, but the brakes are on the handle bars, Oh an did I mention that my feet are trapped clipped into the pedals?

So off my two friends and I went for a ride. The clipping in and out was much less traumatic than I expected and the ride was awesome! We did a ride through rolling hills and it was surprisingly easy. We even passed a couple walking their ponies!

Forgive the poor quality of this shot. I was riding my bike and taking this pic with my iPhone at the same time. A MAJOR accomplishment for my first ride!

Shortly before this picture was taken I unclipped my left foot while riding as there was a stop sign half way up a hill. As I was coming to a stop I noticed a dilapidated old shed on a property to my right. Spray painted on the wall was “Puppies available”. The barn was so terrible all I could think of was “Puppy Mill!!!” “Those poor dogs” I was so distracted that I didn’t realize that I was stopped until I fell over with my right foot still clipped onto the pedal. I am sure it was quite a comical sight. A young man who was mowing the lawn around this shed came running over and my friend yelled what I was thinking, “DO YOU HAVE PUPPIES IN THERE?????” He reassured us that there were no puppies anywhere and I reassured everyone that I was fine. (I was mortified, but not really hurt). I am actually disappointed that the road rash on my hip is not even worthy of sharing in a photograph.  I am glad it happened because I have now faced my fear and fallen over and lived to tell the tale. I think that makes this post officially my 5 of 42: first ride on my new bike and first fall!

One unexpected thing about this ride was that my back (which has been hurting constantly since yesterday) felt fantastic during this ride. My bike was custom set up for me yesterday and it is really comfortable and puts me in a great position “in the saddle” as the lingo goes.  I hope this nice weather holds so I can get out again soon.

That’s it for this post. Next I will post about my trip last week to Baltimore and Washington, DC.