I have some good news to report!

My Physiotherapist and my massage therapist have both (independent of each other) come to the conclusion that my hamstring pain is most likely not caused by my lumbar spine at all.

It is there belief that it is actually due to weak glutes. This is very welcome new because I can do something about this! Weak gluteus cause too both the hammier and the lower back to do more work than they should. So butt strengthening exercises for me!

My PT is going to do a running evaluation this week as well. I am sure there are things I can tweak to make me a more efficient running. I have been working on my turnover. The cadence should be 180. I find this hard to do without some way to pace it, so I have totally geeks out. I downloaded a metronome app and I run to the tic tock of my metronome set to a 180 pace. If I don’t have it on,  I find I get lazy and my turnover slows down to my easy pace of about 140. This, I have found, does not make for a happy butt and therefore does not make for happy hamstrings. I could also explain why I am so damn slow! 

So I have a series of glute-strengthening exercises to do everyday. I have a strength work out that focuses on core, back and glutes. I am finding it a big challenge to fit in all of the various kinds of work outs that I need to cover in a week. I think I need to get an expert opinion on what and how much I should be doing  each week. I have made my schedule up for this week. Here is what it looks like:

Monday         am   Core Strength Training                    pm   Yoga

Tuesday        am   Swim 2500m                                 pm    5km on treadmill

Wednesday   am   Yoga                                             pm    Spin class

Thursday       am   Swim            run test                     pm     Core

Friday            am   Spin class                                    pm     Yoga

Saturday        am   6km run                                        pm     Yoga

Sunday                                                                     pm    Tri training class

It seems like a lot but none of it is long distance–short runs and 45 mins spins classes. Yet how does one fit this all in? I would love to have unlimited time to devote to training, but I don’t. Early morning and then evenings are the times I have…

How do you balance work, family and training?