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It has been a heck of a two weeks around our house.
First sick children, then sick parents, then more sick children. Our Spring break was pretty non-existent. We lay around and tried not to think about how much our bodies ached and our throats hurt.
Needless to say, there was not much happening in the way of training. I was exhausted just walking from the bedroom to the living room for quite a few days and the thought of doing anything active or actually being able to hydrate and fuel to prepare for a workout was impossible. So now I am faced with getting back on track. I have not done any real work out in 10 days. I don’t remember ever having this long of a hiatus in my training.

I am worried: how much fitness have I lost? how quickly will it come back? is the 7 lbs I lost while I was sick all muscle? What is the best way to get started? Run?  swim?  bike? yoga? sex? walk around the block?

I think tomorrow I shall go to a yoga class and at least sweat out the last of this malaise. Before I got sick I had been doing two yoga plus a work out 5 days a week, and now I am worried I am too weak!

So okay, no whining; I will do what I can do and get back at it as quickly as I can without doing too much too soon. Anyone know the magic formula for that?

Our communal illness reminded me of one of my favourite clips to play when teaching a 911 dispatcher class.