Well, it took me 42 years and my kid’s grandpa being friends with the bassist’s dad, but I finally I finally got to meet a Rock Band. Last night E & E and I went to a Hedley concert as the guests of Tommy Mac, the bassist…well more guests of Tommy’s dad who asked him to invite us, but I am not being picky. We had so much fun! Hedley is actually one of my favourite bands; they are local boys done good!. I remember watching Jacob Hoggard, the lead singer, perform on Canadian Idol in season two. We rooted for him because he was from Abbotsford, BC (My hometown) and he was just so crazily talented. I was shocked when he dropped out in the top 3, but it quickly became apparent that he had bigger and better things on the horizen…Hedley debuts a short time later. Well played, young Jake, well played.

We went to a meet and greet and chatted and had our pictures taken with the boys and then enjoyed a fantastic show. We watched the concert from the Air Canada Restaurant. I am now spoilt forever; drinking a glass of wine removed from the screaming teens (other than my own) was an incredibly civilized way to enjoy a rock concert. I know, I know, I am getting old!

Thank you Tommy Mac’s Dad for the great night. We had a blast!

Tommy is in the red hat.