There is an interesting phenomenon happening in my neighbourhood; we have been overwhelmed by crows. A couple of weeks ago they started to come and roost in the trees at night. We have never seen them before and I have no idea why the have suddenly decided to start using our trees as their resting place.

Now, on the grand scheme of things it isn’t really a big deal, but these visitors do cause a number of annoyances that impact our lives.

They start cawing at 4am and if you are unlucky enough to be sleeping in a room near a tree, then restful sleep has ended.

They shit all over everything. My van is covered in crow poop, my driveway is covered in crow poop, the sidewalk is covered in crow poop. It is gross and I have to clean up as much of it as possible so it doesn’t get dragged into the house.

It is a bit Edgar-Allan-Poe-creepy. (Yes I know he wrote about The Raven, which is not the same as a crow, but close enough for this blogger). I am not a fan of the crow (or the raven for that matter). They seem menacing; I immediately personify them as loud and boorish and completely inconsiderate (how dare they roost here without permission!) and always on the verge of doing something evil. The arrival of these crows is unwelcome and disruptive.

For the past while I have been dealing with some crow-like people. This is a huge challenge for me. They take up a considerable amount of mental energy as they do crow-like things and the disruption they cause takes time away from all the other things I need/want to be doing. Remember my first post about when it gets real. Well it got real.

I have been focused on paring down the things in my life that don’t fit with my goals and values. It is a bit of a juggling act to manage work and university and training, but I seemed to be balancing things without letting anything topple (although I still can’t do the damn standing bow pose). What I didn’t anticipate was the arrival of the crows. They have disrupted the balance of my life with their nastiness. Ironically it took the arrival of the real crows to give me some perspective. The whole neighbourhood is a flutter with talk about the crows and questions about why they came and how loud and messy they are what we can do to get rid of them. I think that all this FOCUS on the crows makes them bigger and more menacing. Focusing on crow-like people does the same.

I haven’t gone to yoga for 2 days because I was up late worrying about my human crows and was too tired to get myself to the 6am class. What is it the I really need right now? To get myself to that 6am class, of course! THAT fits in with my goals. Staying up late worrying about things I can’t control DOES NOT fit with my goals. So it ends today.

I have no idea how to get the crows to stop roosting in our neighbourhood trees so I am going to park my van a little deeper in my driveway and get out the hose to clean off my walkways and I am going to turn on a fan in my bedroom to block out the cawing. I am also going to ignore the crap and the unkind words from the crow people….and get myself to yoga this afternoon. It is funny (not in the ha ha way) how easily I can be distracted from my goals. I need to work on being more aware and directing my attention on what matters to me and not listen to the cawing in the background. I shall forgive myself for getting off course and start afresh. As Bikram Choudhury says, “Never too late, never too old, never too bad, and never too sick, to start from the scratch once again.”

When you need to refocus and start again, how do you do it?