I am in Vancouver, BC this week for work. I met one of my oldest, dearest friends for dinner–not that either of us are that old AT ALL. Colleen and I met in elementary school and have kept in touch for over, dare I say it, Col? thirty years. She is one of those rare true friends that you can not see in a decade and then fall into easy conversation with the minute you are together. We had a fantastic evening catching each other up on the goings on of each others families.  She is one amazing women!

I had two hours to kill before our dinner date and I found a Yoga Studio that is 5 minutes from where I am working this week. I WILL be taking the 6:30 class tomorrow morning. You can hold me accountable!

Then, Lo and behold, I discovered that  the LuLu Lemon OUTLET store was right on my route to visit Colleen. I had to go… and it was amazing. They had a $10 shorts and yoga top bin. You read that right $10. I found arm loads of things to try on.

This trip to LuLu Lemon has become the first of 42 new things that I have done this year–no it is not just shopping! Tonight I tried something totally new that I have never done before. I became a virtual personal shopper.

My friend Tricia also loves LuLu Lemon. I sent her a frantic email exclaiming “LuLU Lemon shorts $10!!!” From this came a text exchange of me sending her pictures of the amazing deals and her telling me what she wanted me to buy. It was so much fun. I think it was so enjoyable because I got to share my excitement of these fabulous bargains with someone who was also excited. Now it wasn’t as if T could run on down and get her own $10 LLL shorts–she was 4 provinces away.

So I now have two glorious bags full of super cheap LuLu Lemon deals. One for me and one for Tricia. I can’t wait to get home this weekend to show her my finds.

For now, I need to get myself to bed. The time change coming out to BC always does me in; it is 2:17 at home but only 11:17 here. That won’t stop my brain from waking me up on Ontario time–around 4:30 BC time. But that’s okay, I have a yoga class to get to….and some fabulous new LLL togs to wear.